Rohn Mast Pipes


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ROHN Galvanized 1.25" OD x 5' x 16 Gauge Steel Masts feature a locking joint to allow multiple sections to be connected. Swaged tubing metal is compressed and made thicker so that the joint is stronger than the original material. Each section fits into the next, with no bulge and no hardware required. Masts are sold individually. 

Available in Hot-Dip Galvanized and Pre-Galvanized Options

ROHN 160505GHS 1.25" OD x 5' x 16 Gauge Hot-dip galvanized mast is fabricated from high strength steel and then immersed in molten zinc giving all surfaces, including the interior, an even coating of zinc for maximum corrosion protection. There are no seams, holes or edges left uncoated. 

ROHN 160505PHS 1.25" OD x 5' x 16 Gauge Pre-galvanized mast is made from a coil of steel which is galvanized at the steel mill, cut into strips and then formed into a piece of tubing. Where the tubing is welded, zinc is sprayed over the weld to give it protection. It has a slightly uncoated seam on the inside and ends.