RCA ANT3038E TV Antenna


Regular price $159.99

Kiss those cable bills goodbye, with this outdoor antenna that picks up several HD and Digital local broadcast stations for free. Powerfully reads signals up to a 100 mile radius where it can even pick up 75 channels that will have one blown away in astonishment. Its colossal durable construction makes it the perfect match to outlast through tough weather conditions. This is the best solution for one to receive digital, HDTV and FM radio reception. Its pre-assembled design makes the installation process as simple as possible.

Receives TV broadcasts including 4K and 1080 HDTV for highest-quality picture and sound, both UHF and VHF stations – up to 100 miles from the tower

Simplifies installation with pre assembled design, easy lock fold out UHF reflector and snap lock elements. Withstands tough outdoor conditions with superior construction and materials