Rohn BGK3GGX Grounding Kit for 25G/45G Towers


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ROHN BGK3GGX Tower Base Section Grounding Kit

New REV. G Grounding Kit for 25G and 45G Guyed Towers.

Kit includes hardware to ground one tower leg.

3 of these Tower Kits are needed to ground a complete Rohn 25G /45G Guyed Tower

(1) 15 Feet of 7/16 6x25 EIP IWRC RRL Wire Rope
(1) 5/8" x 10 Foot Copper Clad Ground Rod.
(1) 3/4 Inch Ground Rod Clamp
(1) CPC1/1.25 Connection Clamp to 25G/45G Section Tubular Rail.


This item ships via LTL Freight only due to length