SkipShooter® Mobile Antennas


All SkipShooter® 5/8 wave mobile antennas have a proven high-performance design that will withstand 3000/5000 watts depending on
which model you decide to purchase.  The SkipShooter antennas are made from a rugged solid fiberglass core.  The antennas have a
flexible braid connection that reduces the chance of breakage when the antenna contacts objects while the vehicle is in motion, making
SkipShooter® antennas are the most durable wire-wound antennas on the market.  

All SkipShooter® antennas are made in America with all American made components; all antennas are made from insulated wire to
keep the antennas from shorting out.

The SkipShooter® antennas are compatible with autos, trucks, vans, motorcycles and ATV’s.  They may be used in a single antenna
configuration when a metallic ground is available.  They may also be used in a dual (co-phased) configuration on any vehicle made from
any type of material.  

The tuning rods on all SkipShooter® antennas are easily accessible if tuning is needed.

The 3/8”-24 threaded base is made out of brass, plated with a shiny nickel finish, and fits all standard antenna mounts.  Each antenna is
covered with a water tight sleeve. Mount and coax not included. At this time, mounts can be purchased through your favorite CB shop.

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Skip Shooter Antennas - Manufactured in Mount Carroll, IL