Rohn 25G Basic Tower Kits

Rohn 25G Guyed & Bracketed Tower Guide



These kits have been put together for your convenience. Base sections or plates, guying, brackets, grounding, etc must be purchased separately. Basic tower kits are a great start to your tower project. See Rohn 25G Guyed Tower Guide for specifications on guying, bracketing, and grounding your particular installation. 


The self-supporting G-Series towers offer an easy,
low-cost solution to get light weight antennas in
the air quickly. By using the G-Series tower as a
self-supporting structure, you minimize land
area usage. They are functional in a wide variety
of wind speeds. See ROHN’s standard designs
to help identify the right structure for your project.
These are the same sturdy, robust tower sections
that ROHN has fabricated for years. Each larger
model allows for more loading capacity.

If your installation exceeds the load, wind, or ice limits set forth in the Rohn
specifications you must guy or bracket your tower. Professional consultation and/or
installation required.

• Completely hot-dip galvanized after fabrication
• Cross bracing is formed by a continuous solid rod bracing
fashioned into a zig-zag pattern for strength
• Pre-engineered loading charts meet varying
individual specs and site conditions
• Typical uses include: small dishes, broadband,
security and two-way communication
• All towers have 'fixed' bases
• Built on an 11 1/4" equilateral triangle design